Some may call this junk. Me, I call them treasures.


My uncle bought an old archeological spot or whatever it’s called, from the stone age. Wasn’t fully excavated. He just blew it up to build a house there. The house is a mess too. Looks nice on the outside, but the “gypsies” who built it didn’t know what they’re doing. Nothing works inside.

Always a funny story with this guy.


..this Asian lady said.
Wtf is Φ hundred dollars? Like hundred and sixty something and change?


I was a spammer once (shit was a goldmine), but not a scammer.
One day I will find one of these scammers who promised me $100.000+, steal all the shit they own, take it to the pawnshop and wipe my ass with the money.

And the dudes pretending to be asian bitches messaging me on facebook. I will find their wife or sister or daughter and rape them.
Or maybe have someone else do it.
Nah.. I think I will just have someone rape the dude.


Featured on a blog

Lol some shit I’d do.. cept I don’t follow any of them.


Featured on a blog

Lol some shit I’d do.. cept I don’t follow any of them.

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A woman beaten to a bloody pulp or a man beaten to a bloody pulp?
If it’s the same amount of blood and everything? I’m pretty sure people would have a stronger reaction to the former.
Even just hearing a story about it. put sensors on their fingers and measure the clammyness.

See, people naturally wanna pamper and protect women. (I’m just guessing here, though of course I’m right…)


My grandma’s town is such a ghost town.
Why are the there so many sad, single old men? (I have found part of the answer)
Most of the women outlived their husbands, are widowed, divorced, or still married. Yet so many of the men have never been married. Obviously the 40/80 thing (they all got banged by the same dudes).

It also goes back to World War II, “They chased the damn Germans” is a story I’ve heard a couple of times.
Imagine that. Germans fuck up the entire town. And then they fucked the women too, and they loved it.

I can taste the resentment of my ancestors!
Never forgive, never forget.


Yeah, the guy sitting quietly and looking out the window sounds like the real asshole in this situation. Not the person judging him for no reason. She definitely isn’t the asshole. UGH, now he’s listening to music! What a piece of human shit.
Like the site? You’ll love the book (probably)


Yeah, the guy sitting quietly and looking out the window sounds like the real asshole in this situation. Not the person judging him for no reason. She definitely isn’t the asshole. UGH, now he’s listening to music! What a piece of human shit.

Like the site? You’ll love the book (probably)

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This fucking weed man.

So it’s like one particle, call it the Hadron or the God particle.
And it’s occupying many places at once. But that’s just because this shit got boring.
There’s still just one particle that exists, and nothing else is new under the sun.

It is absolute similar, that means it’s the same exact thing, just in a different place. Not quite fooling me, but how it do that?

Bæhmen fakkoff! I will destroy you one day. Just one tiny thing gone and the whole fake universe with it.


When I went to food 4 less or walmart I could feel microscopic bugs crawling on my skin. Dirty fuckers everywhere, bugs coming out of the asscrack or something. I have to take boiling hot showers when I get home. I don’t go there no more. It’s a disturbing feeling.

It’s not an illusion, I’ve felt it in some ppls apartments.
I’ve felt it in the corner store when there were dirty, fat fuckers there, before I noticed they were there. Sometimes my ear starts itching, like the bugs crawl in there. I haven’t felt it around homeless ppl, I dont think these bugs like to stay with them.

What the hell could it be?

  • Question: Seriously, what's that shit on your face? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Same bitch today?

    What happened was I w a s playing with a shotgun and…

    Nah, the real story is I was trolled on some site; I made a profile and apparently my face was against the user guidelines. Kept getting removed as soon as I uploaded it. Then I slapped some shit on it and it stopped happening. It’s my anon face from now on, nobody can see through my disguise…

    And no, I won’t “do better”. That took about 20 minutes. This one took a little over an hr.

    Didn’t think it looked ugly enough.

    Not spending more than an hr and half on my god damn faces. What I look like, a metrosexual?


Their gods aren’t convincing enough so they have to enforce religion by law. So pathetic.
I also think most spiritual teachers are egocentric idiots, like, they want to be the one with the esoteric information. They want to be the one to tell you about existence/life; they get a sense of pride from it, or followers, clout, whatever. Even if they have to make shit up.

Why can’t your skydaddy come down and convince people himself?
Most logical people will never believe some ancient fable, written back when nearly all literature was full of fabrication; written by mortals who are fallible and proud. Will never believe YOUR anecdotal evidence either. How dumb can you and your skydaddy be?
Especially when you repeat some silly, ancient story that doesn’t prove anything but the fact that people have been making shit up for ages.

Daily reminder


who wants to tell him?

"only 40% of men reproduced, while 80% of women did"

the troll you’re reblogging is off on the numbers.

You realise ”80% of women in general” and “80% of your ancestors, specifically” are two different things, like?

Seriously, it’s sort of a significant difference.

I think it’s precious how contrived and absurd this defense of what was clearly some bullshit is.

[Fucking blockquote disappears, not doing that shit manually on this shit] Dangrr: That part makes no difference. How do you think it does? Out of the hundred billion (or so) dead people about 50% of them were female, 50% male. But a far larger percentage of the males died without breeding, so you can count more females than males in your genetic lineage. For example, if you, your aunt, sister, grandmother, and three daughters all were impregnated by two males, your grandchildren and and their cousins have more female elderly family members than males. That’s nothing but an interesting observation. You don’t really have to fully understand that part to discuss my point which was something like: Very selective breeding is partly why people are born with (a propensity for) cavemen instincts, or any other trait they’re born with for that matter - good or bad.

All it is is a reverse blamegame. I encountered a raging feminist and thought it would be interesting to get to the bottom of where thkse things come from. While HE thought telling strangers about various male perversions (being gay he is technically perverse himself) is going to make a difference. There will always be women breding with the most ape-like cavemen. There’s not much these random strangers can do about that. There’s not much any man can do abt it, because women control breeding, very selectively. Hence it is womankind’s ‘fault’/problem, not mine. Source: dangrr

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    How do you come up with this shit? Such wow.

    All I got as far s insults is a used up meme gif.

    Hmmm.. can’t find it.

    Go back in the kitchen then, how bout THAT?

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I’m not sure what happened but this is a very douchy thing to do, to bring up an old argument.

I saw those birds and my old post @ the top of my activity, this tablet or app does that sometimes.
Then I remembered that funny shit.

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LOL remember this LATFO? That time you thought you’d win your very first debate, invited your followers to come laugh at how I was wrong, but then it turned out I was right?
Where did you go hide, woman…?



I didn’t hide anywhere?

I pointed out that you were hilariously wrong and moved on with my life?

It is amazingly funny that you would bring this up, really; considering how very embarassing that exchange is for you.

That most of your ancestors were female was something you couldn’t wrap your mind around.

You and the femme crew:
"Who wants to tell him"
"The hillarity ensues."


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